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Documentation and other resources for this ArcGIS capability can be accessed from, a new site focused on ArcGIS for Desktop users. In about three weeks we will begin redirecting to that page. Documentation for 10.2x and earlier releases will continue to be accessible.

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Esri has always provided a way for our user community to share analysis workflows and tools. We began this effort in the early 1980s with the first versions of Arc/Info Workstation by distributing 9-track tapes containing sample AML code. We then moved to the World Wide Web with ArcScripts, our first large-scale site and, more recently, the Model and Script Tool Gallery.

ArcGIS Online ( is now Esri's primary site for sharing maps, data, and tools. It replaces ArcScripts and the Model and Script Tool gallery. We have created a public group in ArcGIS Online, the Analysis and Geoprocessing Tool Gallery group, where you can easily search for tools, services, and samples. Since this is a public group, you can share your geoprocessing items to this group.



Find, search, and download

This topic covers the basics of finding the Analysis and Geoprocessing Tool Gallery group on ArcGIS Online, searching the group, and downloading items.

Joining the group

How to join the group so you can share your items to the group.

Sharing items to the group

How to share items to the group and guidelines for writing your item details. Includes how to document software requirements in your item details.

Access and use constraints

Item details include the Access and Use Constraints section. This section is for legal descriptions of what users can and can't do with your downloaded item.

Creating a good geoprocessing sample

One of the items you can share or download is a geoprocessing sample. A geoprocessing sample is a .zip file that typically contains data, maps, and tools in a single folder. It may also contain a Python toolbox (new at version 10.1) or anything else of interest to the geoprocessing user community. This topic contains guidelines for creating a good sample.

Migrating your content from the Model and Script Tool Gallery

This topic is for those of you who submitted content to the Model and Script Tool Gallery. Esri cannot automatically migrate this content to the new Analysis and Geoprocessing Tool Gallery. This topic describes how to migrate your content.

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