Ocean Use Planning

Ocean Use Planning

ArcGIS for Ocean Use Planning is a community of GIS practitioners dedicated to enabling local, state, and federal government agencies to successfully apply GIS to a range of issues and activities related to ocean use throughout the nation's waters. This community shares a collection of online maps and apps built on a rich information model using key datasets that have been published and shared by a number of federal agencies. The goal is to support several activities and missions.

Various members in this community provide critical foundational information layers about our nation's waters - shipping lanes and nautical information, oil and gas production, marine sanctuaries, bathymetry and soundings, outer continental shelf lease blocks, etc. In turn, these information sets help to enable and enrich the work performed by a number of organizations in this community, and in many others as well.

The initial work in this community is focused on useful patterns for publishing and sharing information and to reinforce the best practices for configuring useful maps and apps that support work inside of their organizations.

There are a number of maps and geospatial information services that have been shared to apply GIS to a range of ocean use and planning activities. Here are some of the information categories:

  • Conservation and protection
  • Energy development and management
  • Petroleum operations
  • Fisheries management
  • Tourism and recreation
  • Trade and shipping

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