Schematics and network features

Schematics allows users to efficiently create schematic diagrams from the current state of your GIS network data organized into a geometric network or a network dataset with a minimal amount of setup work and configuration.

Introducing the Standard builder

Any schematic diagram is implemented by a schematic diagram template which is based on a schematic builder. Schematic builders are used to build/update the content of diagrams implemented by a schematic diagram template. They expect specific data and a specific context from which they are able to generate/update the schematic diagrams. When working from GIS data organized into a geometric network or a network dataset, the Standard builder is the builder to configure for your schematic diagram template to quickly generate schematic diagrams in a minimum amount of time.

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Standard builder processing

It is able to analyze any set of geometric network features or network elements, decode the network topology and each element geometry, and populate the expected schematic feature classes by creating the related schematic features in the schematic dataset for the requested schematic diagram.

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Generating schematic diagrams from network features

The easiest way to generate Standard builder schematic diagrams from network features is to start ArcMap and create or load an .mxd file that references the geometric network data or the network dataset from which you want the Standard builder to operate. Then, schematic diagrams can be generated from any set of network features that is selected in this map after a manual selection or a selection by attribute, location, or graphics. When your map references a geometric network, you can also use all tools and commands on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar to set up and perform tracing operations on this geometric network and base your schematic diagram generation on the tracing result.

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Updating schematic diagrams based on network features

Standard builder schematic diagrams built from network features contain schematic features that are queried from the schematic dataset tables in which they were stored the first time the diagram was generated. Then, each time the diagrams open, the schematic features are queried directly from these schematic dataset tables, not from the geometric network or network dataset feature classes. At a given time, the schematic features contained in a schematic diagram may not be up-to-date with the current state of the input data that was initially used to generate the diagram. To reflect the changes that could have impacted the GIS network features associated with the schematic features contained in the diagram since its generation, the schematic diagram must be updated.

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