Sharing your schematic diagrams with others

Working for an organization that manages schematics diagrams, you're faced with the challenge of sharing your collection of schematic information with people inside your organization as well as those outside. The schematic datasets you create using the ArcGIS for Desktop Schematics extension can be published to ArcGIS for Server and exposed in desktop, mobile, and web applications with the ArcGIS for Server Schematics extension.

Schematics Server Object Extension

ArcGIS for Server provides a new Schematics server object extension (SOE) in 10.1 Standard or Advanced editions that allows you to publish the schematic content you create using the ArcGIS for Desktop Schematics extension to ArcGIS for Server, and expose that content on the web in client applications using the ArcGIS web APIs.

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Schematics services

A Schematics service allows a web application to access schematic diagrams through a web service. Publishing a Schematics service consists in publishing a map document that references the schematic diagrams you want to share with the Schematics capability enabled. The Schematics extension capabilities can then be used to access, create, update, and edit schematic diagrams.

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Consuming a Schematics service

Once you've published your Schematics service to a GIS server, it will be available to clients both locally and on the web. Because of the many capabilities the Schematics service exposes, it can be used in a variety of web applications and can be consumed programmatically.

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