What are ArcPad Apps?

An ArcPad App is your collection of data and or tools defined for a specific project, launched from a shortcut.

The minimum requirement to create an App is a nominated ArcPad map (.apm). Typically, this map will contain vector and or raster data.

Additionally, you can associate a nominated ArcPad applet, which contains custom toolbars, forms, and/or scripts.

When you create an App, you are prompted to choose a name and a shortcut icon.

Optionally, you can also choose to modify the way ArcPad launches. For example, you might choose to suppress the default ArcPad configuration file, ensuring only your project toolbars (stored in the nominated applet) are displayed.

The shortcut provides a way for users to launch ArcPad with their data and tools, from a single button located on the Start menu or desktop on Windows, or the Start menu or Today screen on Windows Mobile. Users can have multiple Apps, each with a different shortcut icon.


ArcPad Apps will automatically be shown on the ArcPad Today plug-in if loaded on your Windows Mobile device.