Custom forms

You can create custom data entry and query forms for your layer definitions in the Form Editor. Edit and identify forms allow you to present the attributes of your AXF feature layers and shapefiles to the user in a unique way that serves the goals of your project. For example, you can hide certain attributes from the user, validate data entered by the user, or present the user with a finite list of possible values in a list box.

Edit forms are used as data entry forms and are displayed when a new feature is being added or an existing feature is being edited in ArcPad. Identify forms are displayed when a user identifies a feature in ArcPad. These forms replace the standard Feature Properties dialog box when present in a layer definition. Query forms add custom, layer-specific query pages to the ArcPad Find dialog box. Controls in query forms are linked directly to fields in the AXF feature layer or shapefile to provide a user-friendly interface for commonly used searches.

You can also create general forms in the Form Editor for any type of customization file. General forms serve many purposes and need not be associated with any particular data layer. For example, you can create a form to allow users to login to an ArcPad session.

The following topics provide details:

Creating a blank custom general form

Creating a custom edit form for a shapefile using the Form Wizard

Creating custom forms in a layer definition

Deleting a custom form