Default configuration files

The default configuration file is called ArcPad.apx and is loaded automatically each time ArcPad is started.

The default configuration can contain toolbars, forms, and system object event handlers, which access the ArcPad object model through scripts. It can also contain other parameters that override ArcPad's default, such as the toolbars that are initially visible when ArcPad is started.

Create a default configuration file

Default configuration files are created in ArcPad Studio and stored in ArcPad Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. Once the framework of a default configuration file has been defined in ArcPad Studio, you can use any text or XML editor to make changes or additions. In fact, it's possible to create the entire file using only a text or XML editor, although it is generally inefficient to do so.

Load a default configuration file

The default configuration file that is to be loaded must be called ArcPad.apx. It is placed in the My Document/My ArcPad folder. You can specify an alternate system folder on the Paths page of the ArcPad Options dialog box. To deploy a default configuration file, simply place ArcPad.apx in the My ArcPad folder and start ArcPad.