ArcPad Scripting Object Model
DataSource Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method CloseCloses the Datasource.
Public Method CreateCreates a blank AXF.
Public Method ExecuteExecutes the supplied SQL command against the Datasource.
Public Method GetLayerNamesReturns the names of all the layer names registered in the Datasource.
Public Method OpenOpens a Datasource without adding it to the map
Public Method OpenLayerReturns the input layer as a RecordSet, optionally applying an envelope and/or SQL filter.

Public Properties

Public Property FilePathReturns the full path of the Datasource, including the file name.
Public Property IsOpenReturns True if the Datasource is open; False otherwise.
Public Property LayerPropertiesReturns or sets the specified property for the layer in the Datasource.
Public Property PropertiesReturns or sets the specified property for the Datasource.
Public Property UserPropertiesReturns or sets the specified user property for the Datasource.

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