ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Field Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method BuildIndexBuilds an attribute index for the field.
Public Method ClearSets the value of the field to a null value.
Public Method DeleteIndexDeletes the attribute index for the field.

Public Properties

Public Property DefinedSizeReturns the declared size of the field.
Public Property HasIndexReturns a value that determines whether the field has an attribute index.
Public Property IsNullReturns True if the field contains a null value; False, otherwise.
Public Property NameReturns the name of the field.
Public Property NumericScaleReturns the scale of numeric values of the field.
Public Property PrecisionReturns the total number of digits defined for the field.
Public Property PropertiesReturns or sets the specified property for the Fields.
Public Property TypeReturns the type of the field.
Public Property ValueReturns or sets the value of the field.

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