ArcPad Scripting Object Model
File Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method CloseCloses the file.
Public Method CopyCopies an existing file to a new file.
Public Method CreateDirectoryCreates a new directory.
Public Method DeleteDeletes the specified file.
Public Method ExistsReturns True if the specified file exists; False, otherwise.
Public Method FindFilesReturns the names of all files in a specified directory that meet the specified criteria.
Public Method MoveMoves an existing file from one location to another.
Public Method OpenOpens the specified file.
Public Method ReadReads the specified number of characters from the file.
Public Method ReadByteReads a byte value from the file.
Public Method ReadDoubleReads a double value from the file.
Public Method ReadFloatReads a float value from the file.
Public Method ReadLineReads a line of data from the file up to, but not including, the newline character.
Public Method ReadLongReads a long value from the file.
Public Method ReadShortReads a short value from the file.
Public Method RemoveDirectoryRemoves an existing empty directory.
Public Method WriteThe Write method syntax has the following object qualifier and arguments:
Public Method WriteByteWrites a byte value to the file.
Public Method WriteDoubleWrites a double value to the file.
Public Method WriteFloatWrites a float value to the file.
Public Method WriteLineWrites an optional string and newline character to the file.
Public Method WriteLongWrites a long value to the file.
Public Method WriteShortWrites a short value to the file.

Public Properties

Public Property BigEndianReturns or sets a flag that determines if encoding for the unicode format is in the big endian byte order.
Public Property CodePageReturns or sets the codepage of the file.
Public Property EOFReturns True if an EOF marker is encountered; False otherwise.
Public Property HandleReturns the Windows handle of the file.
Public Property IsOpenReturns True if the file is open; False otherwise.
Public Property LOFReturns the size of the file in bytes.
Public Property SeekReturns or sets the current read/write position within the file.

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