ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Form Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method CloseCloses the form.
Public Method ShowDisplays the general form. It cannot be used to open edit, identify or query forms.

Public Properties

Public Property ActivePageReturns a reference to the currently displayed page of the form.
Public Property CaptionReturns or sets the caption to display for the form.
Public Property FieldsReturns a reference to the fields of the current record.
Public Property hWndReturns the window handle of the form.
Public Property ModeReturns a value that indicates how the form is being used.
Public Property NameReturns the name of the form.
Public Property PagesReturns a reference to the pages of the form.


Public Event OnCancelOccurs when the Cancel button is clicked in a form.
Public Event OnKillActiveOccurs when the form loses the focus.
Public Event OnLoadOccurs when the form is loaded.
Public Event OnOKOccurs when the OK button is clicked in a form.
Public Event OnRefreshOccurs when the displayed identify form is updated.
Public Event OnSetActiveOccurs when the form gets the focus.
Public Event OnUnloadOccurs when the form is unloaded.

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