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PointerMode Property
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Map Object : PointerMode Property

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Returns or sets the currently active mode tool. A mode tool is a tool that puts the map pointer in an action mode and remains depressed while active (for example, Identify, Select, Vertex Edit, etc.).

Property type

Read-write property


object.PointerMode = [ value ]

Return Type



The PointerMode property applies to built-in and custom mode tools. A custom tool is considered to be a mode tool if it handles one of the OnPointer... events.

Whenever the active mode tool changes, the OnPointerModeChanged event is fired by the Map object.

Here is a list of built-in modes that are supported for the value argument:

value Mode
modezoomin Zoom In
modezoomout Zoom Out
modepan Pan
modeidentify Identify
modemeasure Measure
modefreehandmeasure Freehand Measure
modehyperlink Hyperlink
modenone No Active Tool
modeselect Select
modedrawpoint Add New Point
modedrawline Add New Line
modedrawfreehandline Add New Freehand Line
modedrawrectangle Add New Rectangle
modedrawpolygon Add New Polygon
modedrawellipse Add New Ellipse
modedrawpolyline Add New Polyline
modedrawcircle Add New Circle
modedrawfreehandpolygon Add New Freehand Polygon
modemeasureradial Radial Measure
modegoto Goto
modeadvancedselect Advanced Select
moderotatemap Rotate Map
modedrawtextpoint Add Text Point
modedrawtextpolyline Add Text Polyline
modedrawtextpolygon Add Text Polygon
modedrawtextrectangle Add Text Rectangle
modedrawtextellipse Add Text Ellipse
modevertexmove Move Vertex
modevertexinsert Insert Vertex
modevertexappend Append Vertex
modefeaturemove Move Feature
modefeaturerotate Rotate Feature
modefeaturescale Scale Feature
modefeaturesize Size Feature
moderefpointa Reference Point A
moderefpointb Reference Point B
modelabel Label Features

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