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TrackArrow Method
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Map Object : TrackArrow Method

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Captures the pointer location as it is moved across the map view and draws a rotated arrow. Returns the arrow's angle of rotation.



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Scripts that use the TrackArrow method should be called when an OnPointerDown event occurs for a ToolItem object. The user would click the ToolItem object (tool button), press and hold the mouse button to display the arrow, then drag the mouse pointer to rotate the arrow to the desired angle, and then release the mouse button to pass the angle to a variable.


Displays a user-rotatable arrow on the screen and displays the angle of the arrow in a message box.
TrackArrow Example (VBScript)Copy Code
Sub ClickedDown
      Dim dblAngle
      dblAngle = Map.TrackArrow
      MsgBox dblAngle, vbInformation, "Angle of arrow"
End Sub

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