ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Page Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method ActivateDisplays the page.
Public Method ValidateFires the OnValidate event for all controls on the page and for the Page object.

Public Properties

Public Property CaptionReturns or sets the caption to display for the page.
Public Property ControlsReturns a reference to the controls object for the page.
Public Property hWndReturns the window handle of the page.
Public Property IndexReturns the index of the page.
Public Property IsActiveReturns True if the page is currently displayed; False otherwise.
Public Property NameReturns the name of the page.
Public Property ParentReturns a reference to the form that contains the page.


Public Event OnCancelOccurs for every page in a form when the Cancel button is clicked.
Public Event OnKillActiveOccurs when the page loses the focus.
Public Event OnLoadOccurs when the page is loaded.
Public Event OnOKOccurs for every page in a form when the OK button is clicked.
Public Event OnQueryCancelOccurs for every page before the OnCancel event occurs when the Cancel button is clicked in a form.
Public Event OnSetActiveOccurs when the page gets the focus.
Public Event OnUnloadOccurs when the page is unloaded.
Public Event OnValidateOccurs when the form's OK button is pressed, after all Control objects' OnValidate events fire on the page.

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