ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Points Collection Members
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Public Methods

Public Method AddAdds a Point object to the Points collection.
Public Method AlongReturns a point calculated at the input distance along the Points collection.
Public Method InsertInserts a new Point object at the specified position in the Points collection.
Public Method ItemReturns the specified Point object.
Public Method NearestPointReturns the point nearest to the Points collection from the input point.
Public Method NearestSegmentReturns the segment number in the Points collection closest to the input point.
Public Method OffsetMoves the Points collection by the specified amount horizontally and vertically, in units of the coordinate system of the current map.
Public Method RemoveRemoves a Point object from the Points collection.
Public Method SetChanges the specified Point in the Points collection to another Point.

Public Properties

Public Property CentroidReturns the centroid of the Points object.
Public Property CoordinateSystemReturns or sets the coordinate system of the points.
Public Property CountReturns the number of Point objects in the collection.
Public Property ExtentReturns the spatial extent of the points in the collection.
Public Property ShapeTypeReturns a value that indicates the type of geometric shape associated with the Points object.

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