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Read Method
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Preferences Object : Read Method

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Loads all values from the ArcPadPrefs.apx file into ArcPad.




A subroutine that turns point averaging on and sets it to the input value in ArcPad:
Preferences Object Example (VBScript)Copy Code
Sub SetPointAveraging (p_AvgTime)

	'Path to ArcPadPrefs.apx file

	Dim strArcPadAPX

	strArcPadAPX = Application.System.Properties("PersonalFolder") & "\My ArcPad\ArcPadPrefs.apx"

	'Attempt to create a reference to the MSXML DOM

	On Error Resume Next

		Dim pXML

		Set pXML = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

		If Err.Number <> 0 Then

			MsgBox "MSXML is not present on this device.", vbCritical, "No MSXML"

			Exit Sub

		End If

	On Error GoTo 0

	'Read in ArcPadPrefs.apx

	Dim blnExists

	blnExists = pXML.Load(strArcPadAPX)

	Dim pNewElement	' Used for new elements that may need to be created alongthe way

	'If it doesn't exist, create one

	If Not blnExists Then

	  	Set pNewElement = pXML.createNode(1,"ArcPad","")

	  	Set pXML.documentElement = pNewElement

	  	Set pNewElement = pXML.createNode(1,"PREFERENCES","")


	  	Set pNewElement = Nothing

	End If

	'Get the GPS and PREFERENCES element 

	Dim pPREFSElement, pGPSElement

	Set pPREFSElement = pXML.documentElement.selectSingleNode("PREFERENCES")

	Set pGPSElement = pPREFSElement.selectSingleNode("GPS")

	'If the GPS element doesn't exist, create it

	If pGPSElement Is Nothing Then

		Set pNewElement = pXML.createNode(1,"GPS","")

		Set pGPSElement = pPREFSElement.appendChild(pNewElement)

		Set pNewElement = Nothing

	End If


	'Get the AVERAGING element

	Dim pAVGElement

	Set pAVGElement = pGPSElement.selectSingleNode("AVERAGING")

	'If it doesn't exist, create it

	If pAVGElement Is Nothing Then

		Set pNewElement = pXML.createNode(1,"AVERAGING","")

		Set pAVGElement = pGPSElement.appendChild(pNewElement)

		Set pNewElement = Nothing

	End If


	'Set the attributes of the AVERAGING element

	pAVGElement.setAttribute "enabled", "true"

	pAVGElement.setAttribute "point", p_AvgTime

	'Save the changes to ArcPadPrefs.apx

	pXML.Save strArcPadAPX

	'Free resources

	Set pXML = Nothing

	Set pPREFSElement = Nothing

	Set pGPSElement = Nothing

	Set pAVGElement = Nothing

	'Force ArcPad to reload the settings from ArcPadPrefs.apx

	Dim blnSuccess

	blnSuccess = Preferences.Read

End Sub

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