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Visible Property
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StatusBar Object : Visible Property

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Returns or sets a value that determines whether the status bar is visible.

Property type

Read-write property


object.Visible = [ value ]

Return Type



Pane is an integer specifying the status bar pane whose text is to be returned or set. The following values are valid for Pane:

Pane Pane
0 First pane (text pane).
1 Second pane (coordinate pane).
2 Third pane (scale pane).
3 Fourth pane (rocker mode pane).

If Pane is not specified, the default value of 0 is used. [Optional].

The Text property is the default property for the StatusBar object. Therefore, the following two lines of code will yield the same result:

       Application.StatusBar.Text = "Hello World"
       Application.StatusBar = "Hello World"


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