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Properties Property
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Required. A String that specifies the property name.
System Object : Properties Property

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Returns various operating system properties.

Property type

Read-write property


object.Properties ( Property ) = [ value ]


Required. A String that specifies the property name.

Return Type



The Properties property is used to get various operating system properties. All properties are read-only at this time. The following properties are supported:

Name Description Return Type
BuildNumber The build number of the operating system. Long
CSDVersion The Corrected Service Diskette number of the operating system. String
MajorVersion The major version of the operating system. Long
MinorVersion The minor version of the operating system. Long
PersonalFolder The complete path to the Windows personal folder (i.e. the My Documents folder). String
PlatformId The platform identifier of the operating system. Long
ProcessorArchitecture The processor architecture of the system. Long
ProcessorLevel The architecture-dependent processor level of the system. Long
ProcessorRevision The architecture-dependent processor revision of the system. Long
ProcessorType The type of processor used by the system. Long
TempPath The complete path to the Windows temp folder. String

Additional Property Remarks


On Windows NT and Windows 2000, the return value contains a string such as "Service Pack 3" that indicates the latest Service Pack installed on the system. If no Service Pack has been installed, the string is empty


The possible return values are:

Value Platform
1 Windows 95/98
2 Windows NT/2000
3 Windows CE

If the return value is 1 (Windows 95/98), use the MinorVersion property name to determine if the OS is Windows 95 or Windows 98. For Windows 95, MinorVersion is 0. For Windows 98, MinorVersion is > 0.


The possible return values are:

Value Architecture
0 Intel
4 SHx
0xFFFF Unknown

ProcessorLevel, ProcessorRevision

Consult the Windows API SYSTEM_INFO for possible return values.


The possible return values are:

Value Processor
486 Intel 486
586 Intel Pentium
3000 MIPS R3000
4000 MIPS R4000
10003 Hitachi SH3
10004 Hitachi SH4
2577 StrongARM


Displays information about the system in a message box.
System Example (VBScript)Copy Code
Sub DisplaySysInfo
  Dim strCSDVer, lngBldNum, lngMinorVer, lngMajorVer
  Dim lngPID, intPArch, intPLevel, lngPRev, lngPType
  Dim strPersonalFolder, strTempPath
  strCSDVer = Application.System.Properties("CSDVersion")
  lngBldNum = Application.System.Properties("BuildNumber")
  lngMinorVer = Application.System.Properties("MinorVersion")
  lngMajorVer = Application.System.Properties("MajorVersion")
  lngPID = Application.System.Properties("PlatformID")
  intPArch = Application.System.Properties("ProcessorArchitecture")
  intPLevel = Application.System.Properties("ProcessorLevel")
  lngPRev = Application.System.Properties("ProcessorRevision")
  lngPType = Application.System.Properties("ProcessorType")
  strPersonalFolder = Application.System.Properties("PersonalFolder")
  strTempPath = Application.System.Properties("TempPath")
  MsgBox "CSDVersion: " & strCSDVer & VBCr &_
         "BuildNumber: " & lngBldNum & VBCr &_
         "MinorVersion: " & lngMinorVer & VBCr &_
         "MajorVersion: " & lngMajorVer & VBCr &_
         "PlatformID: " & lngPID & VBCr &_
         "ProcessorArchitecture: " & intPArch & VBCr &_
         "ProcessorLevel: " & intPLevel & VBCr &_
         "ProcessorRevision: " & lngPRev & VBCr &_
         "ProcessorType: " & lngPType & VBCr &_
         "PersonalFolder: " & strPersonalFolder & VBCr &_
         "TempPath: " & strTempPath _
         ,vbInformation,"SYSTEM INFO"
End Sub

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