MessageBox constants

Constant Value Description
apYesNo 4 Display Yes and No buttons.
apCancel 2 Cancel button was pressed.
apAbort 3 Abort button was pressed.
apRetry 4 Retry button was pressed.
apIgnore 5 Ignore button was pressed.
apYes 6 Yes button was pressed.
apNo 7 No button was pressed.
apOKOnly 0 Display OK button only.
apOKCancel 1 Display OK and Cancel buttons.
apOk 1 OK button was pressed.
apYesNoCancel 3 Display Yes, No, and Cancel buttons.
apDefaultButton4 768 Fourth button is the default.
apRetryCancel 5 Display Retry and Cancel buttons.
apCritical 16 Display Critical Message icon.
apQuestion 32 Display Warning Query icon.
apExclamation 48 Display Warning Message icon.
apInformation 64 Display Information Message icon.
apDefaultButton1 0 First button is the default.
apDefaultButton2 256 Second button is the default.
apDefaultButton3 512 Third button is the default.
apAbortRetryIgnore 2 Display Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons.


Use these constants with the MessageBox method of the Application object to specify which buttons and icons appear on a message box, which button is the default, and to identify which button a user has selected.
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