ListArchive Example


Displays all files inside in the input ZIP file (strArchiveFile).
Please note that only files in the root folder of the ZIP file are displayed.

VBScript Code

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 Sub ListArchive(strArchiveFile)
      ' Open the ZIP archive
      Dim pArchive
      Set pArchive = Application.CreateAppObject("Archive")
      If (Not pArchive.Open(strArchiveFile)) Then Exit Sub
      ' Retrieve a list of files in the root folder
      Dim arrFileList, strOutput
      arrFileList = pArchive.FindFiles("*")
      ' Build up a string containing the names of all files in the list
      If (IsArray(arrFileList)) Then
            strOutput = CStr(UBound(arrFileList) - LBound(arrFileList) + 1) & " file(s) in archive " & strArchiveFile & "."
            Dim strFile
            For Each strFile In arrFileList
                  strOutput = strOutput & vbNewline & strFile
            strOutput = "No files in archive."
      End If
      ' Close the ZIP archive
      ' Display the list of files found
      Application.MessageBox strOutput, apInformation, "ListArchive"
End Sub