Internal Command Names

The following is a list of all the internal command names available for custom toolbars. These command names are also used with the ExecuteCommand method of the Application Object.

Command Name Command Description
about  Display program information, version number, and copyright
addgpspoint Capture point feature using GPS
addims Add Internet server
addlayer  Add layer
capturephoto Capture photo
centerongps Center map to current GPS position
clearmaprotation Clear map rotation
clearselected Clear selected feature
createbookmark Create a bookmark
delete Delete selected feature
exit Quit ArcPad
exportprojectioninfo Export projection information
featurecancel Cancel feature capture/changes
featurecenter Center map on feature
featuregoto Navigate to the selected feature
featurenext Proceed to feature attribute capture
featureok Commit feature capture/changes
featureproperties Edit feature properties
featureundo Feature capture/change undo
find Find features in this map
fixedzoomin Zoom in on the center of your map
fixedzoomout Zoom out on the center of your map
geographynetwork Opens a window to the Geography Network
gpsdebug GPS/Rangefinder communications debug
gpsenable Activate/Deactivate the GPS
gpsoptions GPS Preferences
gpspositionwindow GPS Position Window
gpsselect Select using GPS position
gpsstream Add vertices continuously from GPS
gpstracklog Toggle track logging
gpsvertex Add single vertex from GPS position
help Help
layers Layers
managebookmarks Manage bookmarks
mapproperties Map properties
modeadvancedselect Advanced select
modedrawcircle Capture circle feature
modedrawellipse Capture ellipse feature
modedrawfreehandline Capture freehand line feature
modedrawfreehandpolygon Capture freehand polygon feature
modedrawline Capture straight line feature
modedrawpoint Capture point feature
modedrawpolygon Capture polygon feature
modedrawpolyline Capture polyline feature
modedrawrectangle Capture rectangle feature
modedrawtextellipse Capture text ellipse feature
modedrawtextpoint Capture text point feature
modedrawtextpolygon Capture text polygon feature
modedrawtextpolyline Capture text polyline feature
modedrawtextrectangle Capture text rectangle feature
modefeaturemove Move features
modefeatureresize Resize features
modefeaturerotate Rotate features
modefeaturescale Scale features
modefreehandmeasure Freehand measure of distance on the map
modegoto Select a destination for navigation
modehyperlink Hyperlink
modeidentify Identify the geographic feature or place you click on
modemeasure Measure distance on the map
modemeasureradial Radial measure of distance on the map
modepan Pan
moderefpointa Set reference point A
moderefpointb Set reference point B
moderotatemap Rotate map
modeselect Select features
modevertexappend Append vertices to a feature
modevertexinsert Insert a vertex into a feature
modevertexmove Select and vertex editing
modezoomin Zoom in
modezoomout Zoom out
movepointtogps Move Point To GPS
newlayer Create new shapefile layer
newmap Create a new ArcPad map
offsetpoint Point offset mode
offsetpoly Polygon/Polyline offset mode
openmap Open an ArcPad map
options Options
packshapefile Pack a shapefile
quickform Create a quickform
rangefinderenable Activate/deactivate the rangefinder
rangefinderoptions Rangefinder preferences
refresh Refresh the map
reprojectshapefile Reproject a shapefile
savemap Save the current map
savemapas Save the current map with a new name
scriptdialog Script editor window
setmapcoordinates Set view coordinates
setmapscale Set map scale
toggleautomaprotation Toggle automatic map rotation
togglefeaturerepeat Toggle feature attribute repeat mode
featuresegment Capture feature segment
togglenorthrrow Toggle north arrow
togglepanframe Toggle panning frame
togglepencapture Toggle pen capture
togglescalebar Toggle scale bar
togglestatusbar Toggle status bar
traverselinear Linear traverse mode
traverseradial Radial traverse mode
zoomfullextent Zoom to all active layers
zoomnext Go to next extent
zoomprevious Go back to previous extent
zoomtolayer Zoom to this layer
zoomtoselected Zoom to the selected feature