About the locator properties

This topic describes the properties listed in the About the locator section of the Address Locator Properties dialog box.

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The name of the locator.

The name of the locator can be changed in ArcCatalog.

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click a locator and click Rename.
  2. Type a new name and press ENTER.


Information about the locator. If you want to provide more information about the locator you created, you can store the information in the Description field. Information such as the organization that owns or builds the locator, the area, or type of addresses that can be used for geocoding may be useful. This description is also displayed on the Address Locator Manager dialog box in ArcMap.

The description of the locator can be modified on the Address Locator Properties dialog box by following these steps:

  1. On the Address Locator Properties dialog box, expand the About the locator section.
  2. Type the text for describing the locator in the Description field.

    The text cannot be longer than 63 characters.

  3. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.

Style name

The name of the locator style with which the locator is created.

Style description

A brief description of the locator style.

Spatial reference

The spatial reference of the locator. Unless you specify a different reference system when you create the address locator, the locator uses the spatial reference of the feature class used for building the locator.

Style release

The release number of ArcGIS (for instance, ArcGIS 10.1) with which the locator style was developed.

Last build time

The date and time the locator was last built. This helps you determine whether the locator requires rebuilding. If the reference data has been modified since the last build, you should consider rebuilding.

Store standardized reference data

Indicates whether the locator stores the standardized attributes of the reference data. If this property is set to True, the reference data was standardized on the fly while the locator was built.

GDB transactional version

The version name or number of the SDE geodatabase on which the locator was built, if the reference data was versioned.

Configuration keyword

The configuration keyword of the geodatabase on which the locator was built.

Support intersections

Determines whether the locator supports geocoding at intersections. If this property is set to True, the locator does support such geocoding function.

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