Granting and revoking privileges on datasets

If you want to let other database users view or modify the contents of any data in a database, you must grant them the privileges to do so.

You can use the Privileges dialog box in ArcGIS for Desktop to specify what privileges a user or group has on a specific dataset. You can grant just select privileges, meaning the user can read and select from but not modify the contents of a dataset. You can also grant select, update, insert, and delete privileges, which allows the user to both read and modify the contents of a dataset.

The following rules apply to granting and revoking privileges on data in a database or geodatabase:

These rules apply to granting and revoking privileges on data in a geodatabase:

  1. Start ArcMap, open the Catalog window, then double-click the Database Connections folder in the Catalog tree.
  2. Connect to the database or geodatabase that contains the data for which you want to alter privileges.

    Be sure to connect as the owner of the data.

  3. Right-click the dataset, point to Manage, then click Privileges.

    The Privileges dialog box opens.

  4. If the user or role whose privileges you want to change is already in the list, check or uncheck the boxes to grant or revoke the privileges you want.

    If you uncheck all the privilege boxes, the user or role will be removed from the list.

  5. If the user or role is not already in the list, do the following:
    1. Click Add to open the User/Role dialog box.
    2. If you have privileges in the database to view the system table that lists all users and roles in the database, you can choose the database users or roles you want to add from the list by checking the box next to their names. Otherwise, type the name of the database user, database role, operating system login, or Windows group to which you want to grant privileges. To type multiple users or groups, type the names separated by commas (no spaces).
    3. Click OK to close the User/Role dialog box.
    4. Check the boxes of the privileges you want each new user or role to have and click OK.