Defining the spatial reference of the query layer

Manually defining the spatial reference of a query layer

ArcGIS uses the spatial reference identifier (SRID) specified on the shape values in the database to determine the spatial reference of the features being returned by a query layer. There may be instances where ArcGIS cannot accurately determine the spatial reference based on the current SRID value set on those features in the database. In these cases, the query layer will have an unknown spatial reference. It is possible to manually define the spatial reference on the query layer on the Advanced Options dialog box. It is important to note that this does not reproject the query layer; it just defines what spatial reference should be used when mapping the results of the query within ArcGIS.

  1. Check the Advanced Options check box on the New Query Layer dialog box.
  2. Click Select to choose the coordinate system to be used for the spatial reference.
  3. Optionally, you can import the spatial reference from an existing dataset by clicking Import.

Geometry SRID property

This property is the spatial reference identification value that is set on the shape objects in the database. It will be blank if the query layer does not have a spatial field. If this value is set, all features that do not have the specified geometry SRID values will be excluded from the result set.

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