Duplicating parcels in the parcel fabric

This topic applies to ArcGIS for Desktop Standard and ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced only.

You can duplicate parcels as a joined or as unjoined parcels in the parcel fabric. Parcels can be duplicated in a new plan with a new feature template.

Duplicate a parcel

If a parcel is duplicated as joined, the duplicated parcel is created as an overlapping parcel to the original parcel. If a parcel name is not specified for the duplicated parcel, it will acquire the name of the original parcel with an increment of _(1).

Parcels can be duplicated multiple times and you specify the number of times the parcel is duplicated. You also have the option to increment a long integer, nonsystem field on the parcels table with a numeric value each time a parcel is duplicated. This is useful for adding multiple floor-level parcels to condos. For example, if you add a Floor_Number field to the Parcels attribute table, you can choose to have the Floor_number field incremented by a value of 1 each time a parcel is duplicated.

To duplicate a parcel, right-click the parcel using the Select Parcel Features tool Select Parcel Features and click Duplicate.