What's new in the Spatial Analyst toolbox

While there are no new tools for Spatial Analyst, there have been improvements in stability and speed.

The Topo to Raster and Topo to Raster by File tools now use an updated version of ANUDEM.

Improved tools



Line Statistics

Added new Length parameter.

Removed the Standard Deviation statistic parameter, which was mistakenly present in previous versions of ArcGIS.

Topo to Raster

Topo to Raster by File

Topo to Raster uses the latest version of ANUDEM (5.3) which has many additions and improvements over the previous version of ANUDEM (4.6.3).

The improvements include:

  • The lake boundary algorithm has been upgraded to enable automatic determination of lake heights that are fully compatible with connecting stream lines and neighboring elevation values.
  • Cliff lines, which permit a complete break in continuity between neighboring cells, are now supported.
  • Improved representation of DEMs near coastlines which ensure that cells near the coast have non-negative elevations is also included in this new version.
  • Three new output feature classes that can be used to assess the quality of the fitted DEM, for optimizing DEM resolution and for detecting errors in the input data have been added.

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