Creating feature templates from existing features

You can use an existing feature as the source for the properties of a new feature template. When you do this, any attribute values for the fields in the existing feature are automatically entered as the new feature template's default attribute values. This allows you to create other features with the same attribute values as the existing feature and avoid manually reentering the values on the Template Properties dialog box.

Once the feature template is created, you can review and change its properties. The feature's attribute values, excluding system fields such as Shape_Length or OBJECTID, are listed as the new template's default attribute values. In addition, other template properties, such as name, target layer, and symbology, are also populated in the new feature template. The name of the new feature template is obtained from the display expression of the selected feature, but it may receive a generic name when no existing text is found. The target layer and symbology for the new feature template are the same as the selected source feature.

New Template From Feature is most helpful when you need to create just a few new feature templates. If you have many feature templates to add, consider using the Create New Templates wizard or copying existing templates (right-click a template and click Copy).

  1. Ensure the layer containing the feature from which you want to create feature templates is both visible and selectable.
  2. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar.
  3. Select the feature you want to use as the basis of the new feature template.
  4. Click Organize Templates Organize Templates on the Create Features window.
  5. Click the New Template drop-down arrow and click New Template From Feature New Template From Feature.
  6. Double-click the new feature template if you need to change its properties.

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