Finding coincident features and excluding them from shared edits

Topology elements can be shared by multiple features. You can find out which features share a given topology edge or node by selecting the edge or node and opening the Shared Features window. This window can be left open and is refreshed each time you select a different topology element. Features are listed in the window by their display expression.

Using the window, you can control whether or not the shared features are affected by edits you make to a given edge or node. By default, all features that share a topology element are updated when you edit that element with the Topology Edit tool. However, when you uncheck a feature on the Shared Features window, the feature is not modified if you edit the topology element.


If you uncheck a box so a feature is not affected by edits, the unshared status is temporary and lasts only while the topology element is selected.

  1. Click the Topology Edit tool Topology Edit Tool on the Topology toolbar.
  2. Click an edge or node to select it.
  3. Click Shared Features Shared Features on the Topology toolbar.
  4. Click a feature in the list to make it flash on the map. Features that are selected on the map have a cyan icon next to the check box; unselected features have a gray icon. A given topology element can be shared by features in multiple layers, so more than one layer might be listed.
  5. To exclude a feature from topological edits, uncheck a feature in the list so edits you make do not update that feature. You can hold down CTRL and click any check box to check or uncheck all the boxes.

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