Resampling Method (Environment setting)

Resampling is the process of interpolating the pixel values while transforming your raster dataset. This is used when the input and output do not line up exactly, when the pixel size changes, when the data is shifted, or a combination of these reasons.

Usage notes

Dialog syntax

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.resample = "interpolation_type"



interpolation_type (Optional)

The resampling technique used:

  • NEAREST—Uses the value of the closest cell to assign a value to the output cell when resampling. This is the default.
  • BILINEAR—Determines the new value of a cell based on a weighted distance average of the four nearest input cell centers.
  • CUBIC—Determines the new value of a cell based on fitting a smooth curve through the 16 nearest input cell centers.

pyramid syntax
import arcpy
# Set the resampling method environment to bilinear interpolation.
arcpy.env.resamplingmethod = "BILINEAR"

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