What is a workflow manager service?

A workflow manager service is a type of ArcGIS Service originating from an ArcGIS Workflow Manager repository. It is the way that you can expose your workflow management capabilities on the web using ArcGIS. You will define the Workflow Manager system using the desktop tools, then publish the repository as a service on ArcGIS for Server.

What can a workflow manager service do?

The workflow manager service allows you to integrate your existing business process with your GIS workflows via the REST and SOAP API. You can view job status via a web application, assign work to staff, and evaluate progress of existing jobs.

How do I start creating a workflow manager service?

All workflow manager services begin inside ArcGIS Workflow Manager Administrator, where you can define your business process.

The workflow manager repository contains a set of geodatabase tables that store workflow-related information. These tables are created inside a geodatabase using the Workflow Manager post installation tool.

After running the post installation, you are ready to start defining the contents of your workflow manager system. Typically, organizations identify one or more people who understand the business processes and task them with the responsibility of translating these processes to ArcGIS Workflow Manager workflows. See Building and documenting workflows on how you can translate your processes.

When you've finished configuring your Workflow Manager repository and are ready to share it with others, choose and right-click the database, then click Share as Workflow Manager Service. The items on the Share as Service dialog box can help you get started with sharing your ArcGIS Workflow Manager repository as a service. See Publishing a Workflow Manager Service for full instructions.