Schematics in ArcMap

Once you've installed and licensed the ArcGIS Schematics extension, you can add the three Schematics toolbars—Schematic, Schematic Editor, and Schematic Network Analyst—to ArcMap. These toolbars provide access to Schematics capabilities directly in ArcMap. Those capabilities are available when the ArcGIS Schematics extension is enabled in ArcMap.

Learn about how to enable the Schematics extension

In addition to working with the toolbars as delivered, you can define your own toolbar by selecting the desired commands from the Schematics toolset and arranging them as you choose. This is accomplished by using the standard ArcMap user interface customization feature: click Customize > Customize Mode, click the Commands tab on the Customize dialog box, check Schematics, then choose the buttons you want from the Commands list.

Standard schematic tools available on the three Schematics toolbars allow you to do the following:

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