Specifying default schematic layer properties using the Import From Feature Layers command

When configuring a schematic diagram template using the Schematic Dataset Editor, the Import From Feature Layers command allows you to easily fix the content of the schematic diagrams that this schematic diagram template will implement by creating the schematic feature classes in relation to the imported feature layers where the schematic features contained in the generated diagrams will be stored. During the import process, the layer properties specified for the imported feature layers are also automatically set as default schematic layer properties. These default schematic layer properties constitute the default schematic diagram layer template that allows you to generate diagrams based on this diagram template in which each feature layer will display in the exact same way. This layer template is saved at the schematic diagram template level.

The following steps focus on how the Import From Feature Layers command can be used to fix default schematic layer properties for all schematic diagrams that will be based on a schematic diagram template. But, the Import From Feature Layers command doesn't only allow you to fix default schematic layer properties. It is also and especially used to fix the content of schematic diagrams implemented by a diagram template. For detailed explanations on the Import From Feature Layers command, load the Creating schematic feature classes using the Import From Feature layers command topic.

  1. Start with a new .mxd in ArcMap.
  2. Add all the geographic feature classes from which your schematic diagrams generation will be generated.
  3. For each feature layer, open the Layer Properties dialog box and define its layer properties.
  4. Save the .mxd on your disk and close ArcMap.
  5. Open ArcCatalog.
  6. Create a new schematic dataset in an existing geodatabase or in a new geodatabase.
  7. Edit this schematic dataset within Schematic Dataset Editor.
  8. Create a new schematic diagram template based on the Standard Builder.
  9. Right-click the newly created diagram template entry in the tree and point to Import From Feature Layers.

    The Import From Feature Layers dialog box opens.

  10. Click the ellipse button at the right of the Map or Layer File box and add the .mxd you saved at step 4.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Save your schematic dataset parameters and exit Schematic Dataset Editor.
  13. Load the .mxd created step 4 in ArcMap.
  14. Select a set of geographic features in the map and click Generate New Schematic Diagram icon Generate New Schematic Diagram.
  15. Type a name for the diagram that will be generated and click OK.

The newly generated diagram displays. The feature layers that compose the schematic diagram layer have the exact same layer properties as those specified for the associated geographic feature layers. Each generated schematic diagram based on this diagram template will now display with these same default layer properties.

Then, if you want to modify the default schematic layer properties or complete the properties definition (define the layer orders and/or the reference scale for the schematic layer), you must follow the process detailed in the Using the Import Default Symbology topic.

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