What is a schematic builder?

Any schematic diagram template is based on a schematic builder. Schematic builders are used to build/update the content of diagrams implemented by a schematic diagram template. They expect specific data and a specific context from which they are able to generate/update the schematic diagrams. Three types of builders are provided with Schematics: Standard builder, Network Dataset builder, and XML builder.

Schematic builders and input data

Each predefined schematic builder has been developed to deal with specific input data:


Any predefined schematic builder can also be used to generate mixed diagrams that contain:

  • Schematic features coming from the specific input data/context with which they are supposed to deal (for example, a solved network analysis layer for the Network Dataset builder, XML data for the XML builder, or a set of GIS features highlighted in a map for the Standard builder)
  • Other schematic features built from custom queries that operate on any type of database

Schematic builders and the schematic features they built

Schematic diagrams contain a set of expected types of schematic features. Each type of schematic feature is implemented by a schematic feature class associated with the diagram template. Specifying the schematic feature classes associated with a schematic diagram template is specifying the type of objects the schematic builder that implements those diagrams is supposed to work with when it analyzes the data in input; that is, during the diagram generation, even if the builder is able to analyze and deal with each element in the specified input dataset, it will only build the schematic features related to the elements expected in the diagram.

These schematic feature classes are real feature classes stored in the schematic dataset. When schematic builders work, they store the schematic features they built in those schematic feature classes. The built schematic features are stored in the schematic feature classes for the life of the diagram. Then, when Schematics displays the generated diagram, it queries the schematic features from these schematic feature classes.

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