Changing the default to find all valid raster formats

Sometimes it can take a long time for ArcGIS to recognize and display all the supported raster formats. By default, only a select list is searched; however, this can be changed.

  1. You can access the Raster File Formats Properties dialog box from the Customize menu in the ArcGIS for Desktop applications.
    • In ArcMap (ArcGlobe or ArcScene), click the Customize menu, click ArcMap Options, click the Raster tab, click the Raster Dataset tab, then click File Formats.
    • In ArcCatalog, click the Customize menu, click ArcCatalog Options, click the General tab, click Raster Files in the data types list, then click Properties.
  2. Click Search all files to find valid raster formats.
  3. Click OK to close each dialog box.

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