Using the Tracking Server Data Link Project Template


A data link provides a way to transfer data between Tracking Server and another entity.

The C# Tracking Server Data Link Project Template can be used to create a custom data link.

  1. Start Visual Studio and create a new project. The New Project dialog box appears.
  2. In the Project types listing, select Visual C# > ArcGIS > TrackingServer.

    If you have installed the Tracking Server SDK, then the ArcGIS heading appears in the Visual C# section of the Project types listing, and the available C# templates are under this heading.

  3. Select TrackingDataLink template from the list of installed templates.
  4. Enter additional information required for your new project and click OK to create the project. For example, you might want to change the name and location of your project.
  5. Add custom code to the classes in the project to achieve the desired result. To find the areas where it is suggested to modify the code, search for the phrase "TODO" throughout the entire project and follow the instructions.
  6. Your custom Tracking Server data link is ready for use.

    Your new custom Tracking Server data link will appear on the Data Links tab in the Tracking Server Manager.