Tracking Server Tutorial Overview

The Tracking Server tutorial includes basic exercises to get you started using Tracking Server. In many cases, the person completing these tasks is assumed to be a system administrator. To help gain a better understanding of Tracking Server, the tutorial includes explanations to help you through the process of getting Tracking Server up and running.

The exercises in this tutorial will walk you through the basic steps for setting up a real-time data feed in Tracking Server and viewing data from that data feed. These exercises should not be considered a comprehensive overview of Tracking Server functionality, but they will help you familiarize yourself with the process of setting up real-time data feeds using Tracking Server.

The data feed established in the tutorial is actually a simulation of a real-time data feed, but setting it up will teach you principles of the system that will also apply to your real-world data. When the time comes to configure Tracking Server for your own data, you will most likely need to accomplish some tasks that are not included in this tutorial, such as creating your own data link and creating a message definition.