Introduction to customizing the Windows application

The ArcGIS Mobile for Windows application framework allows you to extend the ready-to-deploy Windows application by modifying existing workflow and functions or introducing new business logic.

A mobile project has tasks and extensions. Each task fulfills a workflow by navigating through one or more pages, for example, the Collect Features task. An extension is much like a functional component used by the application or task; it may or may not have a user interface (UI). For example, the Field Crew Logging extension logs Global Positioning System (GPS) locations in the background.

The application framework allows you to plug in your own business logic as a new task, or to extend or modify existing tasks at their extensible points. For example, you can modify the data collection workflow by adding a new way to collect geometry. The application framework also exposes application functions and components that you can use in your implementation, for example, UI components such as a message box and map control.

Sample task

This Help provides walkthrough tutorials, documentation for learning about Windows application framework, an assembly API reference, and samples to help you understand and develop with the application framework as follows: