ArcGIS Mobile samples

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Mobile includes a number of sample applications that illustrate how to use key mobile components across the Windows Mobile and Windows platforms. The sample applications, their accompanying source code and map cache data are available for download. Links to download these samples can be found in the following topics:

Windows samples

Windows Mobile samples

Requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET Framework 3.5

Requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET CF 2.0

Windows Walkthrough

Windows Mobile Walkthrough
WPF Walkthrough

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile SDK GPS sample

Using GPS data

Adding a Custom Graphic Layer

Collecting Field Data

MapViewer with attribute display

Spatial Queries and Geometric relationships

WPF Sample: Routing on Disconnected Clients with SDC Data

To unzip the samples, you need an unzip utility like WinZip or use the unzip functionality built into the Windows Explorer shell. For Windows Vista and 7 users, extract the samples to a location where the user has full permissions. Keep the same folder structure in that location to keep the relative path to the data folder the same.

Map caches

Each sample works directly against a map cache and does not require a connection to a server. Each sample contains a map cache folder and data. To use the samples, copy the map cache folder to the location specified by the map cache storage path in the sample application. If you are working with Windows Mobile, copy the map cache data onto the device or emulator before running the application. You can use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center to copy the map cache. However, if you are planning to extend the functionality of a sample application, after creating a mobile web service, create a new map cache that points to your service. Creating a new map cache ensures that the schema of the map service and the cache are identical.