Web Clients for Tracking Server

Publishing Real-Time Services to ArcGIS for Server

Real-time tracking services connected to Tracking Server can be published to ArcGIS for Server. This allows real-time data to be quickly and easily integrated into Web applications in a variety of environments with all the rich web mapping capabilities provided by the ArcGIS Web APIs.

To learn more about ArcGIS for Server, visit the ArcGIS for Server product page or the ArcGIS Server online help documentation.

Tracking Client APIs

Tracking client applications for the Web can be built on a variety of platforms using Esri's Tracking Client APIs. Learn more about creating your own custom application using the Tracking Client APIs.

Web Connector

Tracking Server Web Connector is a new component that will be introduced in Tracking Server 10.1. Through the use of REST, it will allow real-time tracking services to be published in a variety of Web-friendly formats, such as KML, CSV, and JSON. Using the Tracking Client API for JavaScript, developers will be able to easily write custom Web applications for displaying real-time data. Stay tuned for more information about Web Connector!

Tracking Widgets for ArcGIS

Several tracking widgets are available for immediate use, allowing you to quickly view your real-time data on the Web.