Create Your Own Client Application

A Tracking Client API for Every Platform

Esri provides Tracking Client APIs on a wide range of platforms, allowing you to build real-time GIS applications in almost any environment. The Tracking Client APIs allow you to integrate real-time data from Tracking Server into custom Web mapping applications built using the ArcGIS Web APIs. The typical workflow for building a tracking Web mapping application is:

  1. Build a Web mapping application using one of the ArcGIS Web APIs
  2. Integrate real-time data from Tracking Server into the Web mapping application using the appropriate Tracking Client API below

The concepts are the same across all the different APIs, so an overview document is provided to get you started.

To download or learn more about any of the Tracking Client APIs, click on the links below:

Customize Tracking Widgets

The Tracking Server Resources group on ArcGIS Online provides several tracking widgets that can be used as a starting point for developing your own tracking client web application.

For example, Esri provides Tracking Viewer for Flex, a free downloadable tracking client application built using the ArcGIS API for Flex. If you would like to customize or extend its capabilities, you can download Tracking Viewer for Flex along with its source code from ArcGIS Online to get started quickly.