ArcPad Scripting Object Model
ToolBars Property
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Application Object : ToolBars Property

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Returns a reference to the global ToolBars object.

Property type

Read-only property


Set variable = object.ToolBars

Return Type

ToolBars Object


The ToolBars object is exposed globally. That means you can directly access the properties and methods of the ToolBars object from any routine without first obtaining a reference to that object. For example, the following VBScript code displays the number of toolbars loaded in ArcPad in a message box:

Sub DisplayNumToolBars
   Dim objAPToolBars
   Set objAPToolBars = Application.ToolBars
   MsgBox objAPToolBars.Count
End Sub
Since the ToolBars object is global, the above example can be shortened to the following one line example:

Sub DisplayNumToolBars
   MsgBox ToolBars.Count
End Sub

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