ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Satellites Property
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GPS Object : Satellites Property

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Returns a reference to the Satellites collection.

Property type

Read-only property


Set variable = object.Satellites ( [InView] )



Return Type

Satellites Object


If the InView argument is True, the Satellites collection contains all Satellites communicating with ArcPad. If it is False (the default), the Satellites collection contains the Satellites used in the current position only.


Satellite Object Example
Displays information about GPS Satellites communicating with ArcPad.
Satellite Object Example (VBScript)Copy Code
'++ call Handle_OnPosition in the GPS_OnPosition event handler
Sub Handle_OnPosition
      Dim a, b
      'a = PrintView()
      b = PrintUsed()

      'Console.Print "View: " &   CStr(a)
      Console.Print "Used: " & CStr(b)
End Sub

Function PrintUsed
  Dim u
Set u = GPS.Satellites
  Console.Print "------------"
Console.Print "SatellitesUsed: "   & CStr(u.Count)
Console.Print "------------"
  Dim s
For Each s In u
    Call PrintSat(s)

  PrintUsed = u.count

End Function

Function PrintView
Dim v
  Set v = GPS.Satellites(True)
Console.Print "------------"
  Console.Print "GPS Protocol: " & GPS.Protocol
Console.Print "SatellitesView: "   & CStr(v.Count)
Console.Print "------------"
  Dim s
For Each s In v
    Call PrintSat(s)

  PrintView = v.Count
End Function

Sub PrintSat(s)
      Dim blnString
      If (s.InUse) Then
            blnString = "True"
            blnString = "False"
      End If
      Console.Print "PRN: " & CStr(s.PRN)
      Console.Print "--InUse: "   & blnString
      Console.Print "--Elevation: " & CStr(s.Elevation)
      Console.Print "--Azimuth: "   & CStr(s.Azimuth)
      Console.Print "--SignalStrength: " & CStr(s.SignalStrength)
      Dim m
      For m = 0 to 3
            If (s.Properties("MeasurementID", m) <> 0) Then
                  Console.Print "--Measurement: "   & CStr(m)
                  Console.Print "----ID: " & CStr(s.Properties("MeasurementID", m))
                  Console.Print "----Type: " & CStr(s.Properties("MeasurementType", m))
                  Console.Print "----Units: " & CStr(s.Properties("MeasurementUnits", m))
                  Console.Print "----Value: " & CStr(s.Properties("MeasurementValue", m))
            End If
      If ("SiRF" = GPS.Protocol) Then
            Console.Print "--TimeTag: " & CStr(s.Properties("TimeTag"))
            Console.Print "--GPSSoftwareTime: " & CStr(s.Properties("GPSSoftwareTime"))
            Console.Print "--Pseudorange: " & CStr(s.Properties("Pseudorange"))
      End If
End Sub

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