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Filter Property
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Layer Object : Filter Property

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Returns or sets the filter, or definition query, for the AXF layer.

Property type

Read-write property


object.Filter = [ value ]

Return Type



When ArcPad draws an AXF layer it executes a SQL statement to get the rows, or features that need to be drawn. The Filter is used as part of the WHERE clause in the SQL SELECT statement. The Filter can use any columns in the AXF feature table along with the full capability of the SQL WHERE clause syntax. The SQL SELECT statement essentially takes the form:
SELECT <geometry columns>,<symbology column>,<label column> FROM <featuretable> WHERE <filter clause> AND <extent check clause>

Applying an effective Filter to an AXF layer can reduce the number of features that ArcPad needs to draw from the layer. As a result a Filter can improve the drawing performance of AXF layers.

Columns in the AXF feature table are specified using brackets (for example, [MAXSCALE] is used to specify the MAXSCALE column). ArcPad provides a built-in variable, @##MAPSCALE##, that allows the current map scale to be included in the Filter. Each time the SELECT statement is executed, the current map scale is substituted in to the filter wherever @##MAPSCALE## has been used.

Here's an example Filter: @##MAPSCALE## < [MAPSCALE]

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