ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Rangefinder Object Members
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Public Methods

Public Method CloseCloses the connection to the Rangefinder port.
Public Method EscapeSends from one to three arguments to a Rangefinder extension.
Public Method OpenOpens the connection to the Rangefinder port.
Public Method WriteWrites the specified text to the Rangefinder port.
Public Method WriteByteWrites a single byte to the Rangefinder port.
Public Method WriteLineWrites an optional string and newline character to the Rangefinder port.
Public Method WriteSentenceWrites a string and newline character to the Rangefinder port. A NMEA checksum is automatically appended to the end of the string before sending (that is, a * followed by a 2 character hex value).

Public Properties

Public Property BearingReturns the bearing in degrees.
Public Property ButtonReturns the button pressed on the rangefinder when the current measurement was taken.
Public Property DistanceReturns the slope distance in meters.
Public Property ExPropertiesGets or sets a property from the currently active rangefinder extension.
Public Property InclinationReturns the inclination in degrees.
Public Property IsOpenReturns True if the Rangefinder port is open; False otherwise.
Public Property PropertiesReturns the current value of the specified Rangefinder property.
Public Property ProtocolReturns the current protocol of the rangefinder.
Public Property SentenceReturns the last data sentence received from the rangefinder. Either the complete sentence or a particular data field can be requested.


Public Event OnCloseOccurs when the rangefinder is deactivated.
Public Event OnExEventOccurs when an external event is received from a Rangefinder extension.
Public Event OnMeasurementOccurs when a button is pressed on the rangefinder and a measurement is received by ArcPad.
Public Event OnOpenOccurs when the rangefinder is activated.

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