ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Recordset Collection
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A RecordSet object represents the entire set of records from a layer's database table (shapefile or AXF layer) or a stand-alone database table. At any given time, the RecordSet object refers only to a single record within the set as the current record.


A RecordSet object is a creatable object in ArcPad. Here's an example of creating a new RecordSet object:

Dim myRS
Set myRS = Application.CreateAppObject("RecordSet")

var myRS = Application.CreateAppObject("RecordSet");

RecordSet objects derived from ArcPad AXF layers are forward-only. That is, the MovePrevious and MoveLast methods are not supported for these RecordSets.
RecordSet objects derived from shapefile layers or DBF files are scrollable. They support all the MoveXXX methods.

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