ArcPad Scripting Object Model
Recordset Collection Members
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Public Methods

Public Method AddNewCreates a new record and adds it to the RecordSet.
Public Method BuildSpatialIndexBuilds a spatial index for the recordset.
Public Method CancelUpdateCancels any pending updates to the RecordSet.
Public Method CloseCloses the recordset.
Public Method CreateCreates a new shapefile or DBF file.
Public Method DeleteDeletes the current record.
Public Method DeleteSpatialIndexDeletes the spatial index for the recordset.
Public Method ExportSaves  a shapefile DBF to CSV UNICODE.
Public Method FindReturns the next record that meets the specified criterea.
Public Method FindNearestXYReturns the record closest to the specified location.
Public Method MoveMoves the current record position forward or backward a specified number of records
Public Method MoveFirstMoves the current record position to the first record in the RecordSet.
Public Method MoveLastMoves the current record position to the last record in the RecordSet.
Public Method MoveNextMoves the current record position one record forward (toward the bottom of the RecordSet).
Public Method MovePreviousMoves the current record position one record back (toward the top of the RecordSet).
Public Method OpenOpens a shapefile or DBF file without adding the layer to the map.
Public Method PackRemoves records flagged for deletion from the RecordSet.
Public Method SupportsDetermines if the RecordSet supports a particular type of functionality.
Public Method ToArrayReturns the RecordSet contents as a two dimensional array.
Public Method UpdateSaves any changes to the current record.

Public Properties

Public Property BOFReturns True if the current record position is before the first record; False otherwise.
Public Property BookmarkSets or returns a bookmark that uniquely identifies the current record.
Public Property CodePageSets or returns the codepage of the RecordSet.
Public Property CoordinateSystemReturns a reference to the recordset's coordinate system.
Public Property EOFReturns True if the current record position is after the last record; False otherwise.
Public Property FieldsReturns the current record's fields.
Public Property HasSpatialIndexReturns True if the shapefile represented by the RecordSet has a spatial index; False otherwise.
Public Property IsDeletedReturns True if the current record has been deleted; False, otherwise.
Public Property PropertiesReturns or sets Recordset properties.
Public Property RecordCountReturns the number of records in the RecordSet.

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