What's new in the Geostatistical Analyst toolbox

The new and improved functionality of Geostatistical Analyst in ArcGIS 10.1 includes a new empirical Bayesian kriging tool and a tool that aggregates areal interpolation layers to new polygons.

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New tools




Interpolation toolset

Empirical Bayesian Kriging

Empirical Bayesian Kriging is an interpolation method that accounts for the error in estimating the underlying semivariogram through repeated simulations.

Geostatistical Layers toolset

Areal Interpolation Layer To Polygons

Reaggregates the predictions of an Areal Interpolation layer to a new set of polygons.

Improved tools



GA Layer To Points

Added the Append all fields from input features parameter. This parameter specifies whether all fields of the input feature class will be copied to the output feature class.

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