Alter Mosaic Dataset Schema (Data Management)

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Defines which editing operations non-owners have when editing an ArcSDE mosaic dataset.

This tool prevents schema-locking issues that can arise when a mosaic dataset is stored in ArcSDE. The ArcSDE owner runs this tool to create any side tables and fields that may be needed by the user. The ArcSDE owner must also grant the proper permissions to allow users to insert, update, or delete records.



AlterMosaicDatasetSchema_management (in_mosaic_dataset, {side_tables}, {raster_type_names}, {editor_tracking})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The mosaic dataset where you will change permitted operations.

Mosaic Layer

Choose the operations you want to make permissible for this mosaic dataset.

  • ANALYSIS Allow a non-owner to run the Analyze Mosaic Dataset tool on the mosaic dataset.
  • BOUNDARY Allow a non-owner to create or edit the boundary of the mosaic dataset. This is required if a non-owner will add raster datasets outside of the existing boundary.
  • CACHE Allow a non-owner to create cache for the mosaic dataset.
  • COLOR_CORRECTION Allow a non-owner to color-correct the mosaic dataset.
  • LEVELS Allows a non-owner to calculate cell size ranges for the mosaic dataset.
  • LOG Allow a non-owner to create a log table for the mosaic dataset.
  • OVERVIEW Allow a non-owner to create overviews for the mosaic dataset.
  • SEAMLINE Allow a non-owner to create seam lines for the mosaic dataset.
  • STEREO Allow a non-owner to define stereo pairs for the mosaic dataset.
  • VIEWAllow a non-owner to edit the image service. When selected, Enable Editor Tracking will automatically turn on.

Choose all the raster types allowable for this mosaic dataset.

  • CADRG/ECRGCADRG/ECRG raster type
  • CIBCIB raster type
  • DTEDDTED raster type
  • FORMOSAT-2FORMOSAT-2 raster type
  • GeoEye-1GeoEye-1 raster type
  • HREHRE raster type
  • IKONOSIKONOS raster type
  • KOMPSAT-2KOMPSAT-2 raster type
  • LAS LAS raster type
  • Landsat 1-5 MSSLandsat 1-5 MSS raster type
  • Landsat 4-5 TMLandsat 4-5 TM raster type
  • Landsat 7 ETM+Landsat 7 ETM+ raster type
  • NITFNITF raster type
  • QuickbirdQuickbird raster type
  • RADARSAT-2RADARSAT-2 raster type
  • RapidEye RapidEye raster type
  • Raster Process DefinitionRaster Process Definition raster type
  • SPOT 5SPOT 5 raster type
  • WorldView-1WorldView-1 raster type
  • WorldView-2 WorldView-2 raster type

If you wish to use a custom raster type, then enter the path of the custom raster type file.


Editor tracking can help you maintain accountability and enforce quality-control standards. For more information about Editor Tracking, see About tracking an editor's changes to data.

  • NO_EDITOR_TRACKINGDo not turn on editor tracking. This is the default.
  • EDITOR_TRACKINGEnables editor tracking for your mosaic dataset.

If the VIEW keyword is used in the side_tables parameter, then Editor Tracking will automatically be enabled.


Code Sample

AlterMosaicDatasetSchema example 1 (Python window)

This is a Python sample for the AlterMosaicDatasetSchema tool.

import arcpy
AlterMosaicDatasetSchema example 2 (stand-alone script)

This is a Python script sample for the AlterMosaicDatasetSchema tool.

#Alter Mosaic Dataset Schema mainly works on SDE mosaic datasets. The 
#selected side tables of mosaic dataset will be created. If there are
#raster type settings, metadata fields will be create for that raster type.

import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/Workspace"
mosaicds = "sdeserver.sde/mosaicds"
rastypes = "QuickBird;IKONOS;Match-AT"

arcpy.AlterMosaicDatasetSchema_management(mosaicds, ops, rastypes)


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments

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ArcGIS for Desktop Standard: Yes
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