Editing schematic rules parameters

Schematic rules specified for a schematic diagram template are listed on the Rules tab related to that diagram template. At any time, each specified rule can be edited and you can modify its parameters. The steps below detail how to edit the schematic rules parameters:

  1. Edit your schematic dataset within Schematic Dataset Editor.
  2. If the schematic dataset resources are not arranged in a tree view in the Schematic Items window, click Views on the Schematic Dataset Editor toolbar and click Project Tree.
  3. In the Dataset Editor tree, click the entry related to the schematic diagram template where the rule you want to edit is specified.
  4. Click the Rules tab.
  5. Select the line corresponding to the rule for which you want to edit the parameters.
  6. Click the Rule Properties button Properties rule icon on the Rules tab toolbar.
  7. Modify the rule properties you want.
  8. Click OK to close the Rule Properties dialog box.
  9. Click Save Save icon on the Schematic Dataset Editor toolbar.

The specified schematic rule parameters are automatically taken into account for any newly generated schematic diagram. Schematic diagrams that have been generated before these modifications need to be updated so the schematic rules reexecute during update and the diagrams' content reflects the new specified rule parameters.

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