Specifying a schematic rule on a schematic diagram template

Schematic rules can be used to simplify (reduction rules) or create new schematic features, such as containers (relationship rules, spatial query rules) in schematic diagrams. They are specified for a schematic diagram template on the Rules tab related to that diagram template.

Eight types of rules are provided with this Schematics version: Node Reduction By Priority, Node Reduction By Flow, Relationship, Spatial Query, Route Node Reduction, Expand Links, Feature Removal, and Collapse Related Features.


Schematic rules operate in memory at the diagram generation and update, and they can be configured on all schematic diagram templates regardless of their builder. But, they will not apply on the schematic features coming from schematic feature classes with custom queries configured to be launched at the diagram loading when such schematic feature classes are associated with the diagram template; those schematic features are always processed after the rules execution during the diagram generation and update.

  1. Edit your schematic dataset within Schematic Dataset Editor.
  2. If the schematic dataset resources are not arranged in a tree view in the Schematic Items window, click Views in the Schematic Dataset Editor toolbar and click Project Tree.
  3. Click the desired schematic diagram template entry in Dataset Editor tree.
  4. Click the Rules tab.

    The Rules tab lists all the schematic rules currently specified for the schematic diagram template.

  5. Click Add Rule Add Rule icon on the Rules tab toolbar.

    A new line corresponding to the new rule you want to define is automatically added at the end of the Rules tab.

  6. Click the Type drop-down list and select the type of rule you want to add—that is, select Collapse Related Features, Expand Links, Feature Removal, Node Reduction By Flow, Node Reduction By Priority, Relationship, Route Node Reduction, or Spatial Query.
  7. Click Rule Properties Properties rule icon on the Rules tab toolbar.
  8. Set the rule properties you want.
  9. Click OK to close the Rule Properties dialog box.
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 if you want to chain a new rule after the one you have just specified.
  11. Click Save Save icon on the Schematic Dataset Editor toolbar.

The schematic rules specified on the Rules tab are chained in their entry sequence order during each diagram generation/update. This order can be changed if needed.

Learn about modifying schematic rules sequence entries

The schematic rules specified on the Rules tab related to a diagram template are automatically taken into account for any new schematic diagram based on this diagram template. For schematic diagrams based on a template that have been generated before configuring the Rules tab, you need to update them so the schematic rules execute during the update and their content reflects the rules' impact.

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